Toaster Dash

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Toaster Dash is a fun game where you help a toaster bounce on toaster strudels to reach the top without bumping into things. It's a game that tests how quick you can swipe on your device, how fast you can react, and how fast you can think. You'll play lots of levels that are a bit tricky, unlock funny characters, and try to get the highest score in endless jumping challenges! Swipe quickly to make your little toaster move around sweet donuts, jump over fork spikes, use magic doors, and bounce off walls to toast as much bread as you can. You can make your jumping hero better by giving them hot coffee and tasty jam to finish toasting faster. There are more than 30 fun levels to play and lots of achievements to earn.

Move the toaster with your mouse and collect as much bread as you can, but be careful not to bump into anything.


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